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Benefits of Green Tea and Lime

Benefits of green tea and lime monika Seth, nutritionist and weight loss consultant Al Raffah Hospital, said that to reduce bad breath when fasting can use mint or herbs. One of these green tea.

"You can drink green tea or mint tea add to get rid of bad breath," he said, as quoted from Timesofoman, Thursday (03/07/2014).

Green Tea and Lime

How to Drink Green Tea

Meanwhile, according to Edwin Zakaria drg Prodentist Dental Care Clinic, bad breath can arise due to problems in the digestive system due to not eating and drinking all day. As a precaution, it is recommended to brush your teeth and tongue.

"So, after brushing your teeth, you should also brush your tongue. For the early part of this brush, the effect could vomit, "he added. (Read: Mouth Odor Free Fast Here's How)

Not necessary to brush your tongue like brushing teeth toothpaste. In addition, there is usually a special tool called a tongue brush tongue scraper. 

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