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Benefits of green tea for hair loss

Benefits of green tea for hair loss Benefits of green tea for strengthening the roots and hair can keep the humidity

That it contains panthenol, vitamin C and vitamin E found in green tea are believed to strengthen hair roots. Vitamin E serves to help the regeneration of the hair and repair damaged hair. The content of Vitamin C found in green tea may protect hair from ultraviolet radiation exposure to the sun.
Benefits of green tea for health and beauty skin

      Benefits of green tea as a refreshing mask

Masks made ​​from green tea leaves are very useful for removing toxins attached to the surface of the skin and keep skin smooth. How to process them as follows:

Prepare 1 tablespoon of green tea and 1 tablespoon mayonnaise, then mix the two ingredients and stir until evenly TSB. Then apply to the entire face evenly. (be careful not to be in contact with the eyes!). Let stand for 20 minutes kuarng more then wash and wash face with clean water and then dry face

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